19 September 2009

Idéfix from Astérix Le Gaulois

This small dog's name is Idéfix, though in English it has been renamed to Dogmatix. He belongs to Obelix, the big fat and always strong Gaul from the French comic series Astérix Le Gaulois. Compared to his owner, Idéfix is a very small dog.

© Dargaud

10 September 2009

Guille from Mafalda

This very sweet little boy is Guille, Mafalda's little brother. He enjoys to be free and gets a little upset when someone tries to control him.

© Quino

27 March 2009

Nermal from Garfield

This is Nermal, a fatty little kitten neighbor of Garfield... He thinks he is the cutest kitten in the world, and he really is cute, but maybe not that cute!

© Jim Davis

26 March 2009

Astro Boy from Astro Boy

This is Astro Boy, a boy robot who was one of the first Japanese cartoon characters... and a very cute one. He appeared both in manga and in TV-series, and this year there is going to be a movie with him. He is going to look a little different though.

© Tezuka

25 March 2009

Leo Verdura from Leo Verdura

This is Leo Verdura, a vegeterian lion who is very friendly and not fierce at all. He appeared in El Pequeño País, a supplement to a Spanish newspaper, and later in a animation movie called Leo Natura. I love it!

© Rafael Ramos