27 March 2009

Nermal from Garfield

This is Nermal, a fatty little kitten neighbor of Garfield... He thinks he is the cutest kitten in the world, and he really is cute, but maybe not that cute!

© Jim Davis

26 March 2009

Astro Boy from Astro Boy

This is Astro Boy, a boy robot who was one of the first Japanese cartoon characters... and a very cute one. He appeared both in manga and in TV-series, and this year there is going to be a movie with him. He is going to look a little different though.

© Tezuka

25 March 2009

Leo Verdura from Leo Verdura

This is Leo Verdura, a vegeterian lion who is very friendly and not fierce at all. He appeared in El Pequeño País, a supplement to a Spanish newspaper, and later in a animation movie called Leo Natura. I love it!

© Rafael Ramos

24 March 2009

Keroppi Hasunoue from Hello Kitty

This is Keroppi Hasunoue, my absolute favorite character from the Sanrio collection. I saw it in Japan for the first time, and I think this little frog is the cutiest merchandise character ever!

© Sanrio

23 March 2009

Hello Kitty from Hello Kitty

This sweet cat is Hello Kitty, a Japanese character appearing in almost every imaginable item. When I was in Japan, every major city had its own Hello Kitty. I really liked Hello Kitty in Miyajima.

© Sanrio

22 March 2009

Ignatz from Krazy Kat

Talking about classical cute cartoon characters, we cannot forget about Ignatz from Krazy Kat. This little mouse is happiest when throwing a brick to the Kat's head! He looks so naive though.

21 March 2009

Felix the Cat from Felix the Cat

This is Felix the Cat, one of the classical cartoon characters from the silent-film era. So this is one of the original cute cartoon characters... and he is very cute indeed!

20 March 2009

Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls

This is Buttercup, a Powerpuff Girl created by Professor Utonium by mistake when he was trying to create the perfect little girl. She has two sisters and they are all superheroes attending the kindergarten. I really like her because she is the toughest, most aggressive and angriest of the three.

© Cartoon Network

19 March 2009

Eugene the Jeep from Popeye

This is Eugene the Jeep, a magical animal from Africa that can disappear. It leaves with Olive Oyl, Popeye's girlfriend and it is so very sweet!

18 March 2009

Gizmo from Gremlins

This is Gizmo, a very cute pet with a dark side. It is a sweet creature called mogwai. When someone spills water on it, it produces some quite aggressive relatives. They are all gremlins.

© Warner Bros

17 March 2009

Atom Ant from Atom Ant

This is Atom Ant, a very small but very strong ant who can fly really fast. This cute micro superheroe was very popular when I was a toddler in Spain.

© Hanna-Barbera

16 March 2009

Pucca from Pucca

This sweet girl is Pucca, a Korean animation character. She is crazy and she is in love with a ninja boy called Garu, but he is not that interested...

© Vooz Co., Ltd.

15 March 2009

Totoro from Tonari no Totoro

This is Totoro, a gigant sweet monster living in the woods in Japan. He is the main character of the animation film Tonari no Totoro (My neighbor Totoro). I love the secuence when he learns who to use an umbrella.

© Studio Ghibli

14 March 2009

Dale from Chip and Dale

This is Dale, a chipmunk who always accompanies Chip in the series Chip & Dale. He has a bigger red nose and two very cute buck teeth. And he is so dumb! That is why I love him!

© Disney

13 March 2009

Fone Bone from Bone

This is Fone Bone, the main character of the comic Bone. He is a small being, we really do not know the kind. He is much more insecure than his two relatives, and that makes him so sweet.

And he has a tendency to fall in love with human girls.

© Bone

12 March 2009

Woodstock from Peanuts

This little bird is Woodstock, Snoopy's best friend in Peanuts. They share the doghouse. He is as scrappy as he is cute.

© Peanuts

11 March 2009

Guille from Mafalda

This is Guille, Mafalda's little brother. He is in love with Brigitte Bardot, even though he still uses a dummy.

© Quino

10 March 2009

Mort from Madagascar

This is Mort, a very sweet and shy lemur from Madagascar. He is so so cute when he is scared or crying:

© Pixar

09 March 2009

Willi from Die Biene Maja

This is Willi, a drone (male bee), who is Maja's best friend in Die Biene Maja. He is a lazy fatty cutie good-nature character that I loved when I was a child.

Looking for his picture on the Internet, I found him portraited as Che Guevara. The drawing is so good I have to show you here:

© Die Biene Maja

08 March 2009

Elmo from Sesame Street

This must be the cutiest red monster ever. He's name is Elmo and he is a character of Sesame Street.

© Sesame Street

07 March 2009

Twiddlebugs from Sesame Street

These are twiddlebugs, very small beings living in a pot owned by Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street. They are a family and they use small objects as furniture. They were everyone's favorite characters from Sesame Street when I was a child.

In Spanish they have a very long and nice-sounding name: nabucodonosorcitos.

© Sesame Street

06 March 2009

Butters from South Park

This little fellow is Leopold "Butters" Stotch from South Park. He is so naive and so sweet!

© South Park

My first post

I am a huge fan of cartoons and animated films. And I really have an eye for cuteness. So I figured I could mix both interests in one blog and create a kind of gallery where I present all the cutie characters I have stumbled upon during the years. I have never seen such a place on the net and I think it is a shame... 

In this blog I will be writing in English. Still, the important thing will be the images and videos, so speakers of any other language will be able to enjoy the blog anyway. 

I do have a couple of blogs in Spanish for those who are curious about who I am. In Lille Skvat I write about me and my life. In Dulces del mundo I present a different sweet treat every day. 

All comments and suggestions are more than welcome. 

I hope you all enjoy it!